Thursday, 1 January 2009

Tina's Story

I signed up with RTA in Nov 2008.

The sales man was very nice and I assumed the contract was like any other agents contract.

6 months into the agreement I asked to be released from the contract as my house was being repossessed but they refused.

Nearly a year later, I wanted to terminate the agreement as I realised they did not advertise, did not send one potential buyer and after paying £700 plus VAT I never heard from them and always had great difficulty getting in touch with them.

I even pretended to be a 3rd party interested in buying my own business and they said it was not available!

I searched the internet and found the Mirror blog. Then I tried to cancel my agreement with RTA. I wrote an email saying as a single mum of 2 and about to have my family home repossessed and go bankrupt I needed to sell quickly and had to take the property to auction. I wanted to be released from the contract because they did not fulfil their agreement as the sales man mentioned 'national advertising' but my business was never advertised nationally.

They said no.

After a year I found a private buyer and sold the business in Dec 2009, 13 months after signing their agreement, and not having heard from them once except in response to my request to cancel.

I was told by their rep that after a year I was released from the agreement automatically - but then RTA sent me a bill for £17,000 and a threat of legal action if I didn't pay up!

Their contract may be water tight but I am going to attempt to take them to court and 'out' them as small business con men.

It is outragious that they target such people or anyone at all. It is simple to do the job they offer so why do they need to 'steal' our money and bully and indimidate us with threats of legal action?

I am hoping a judge will see them for what they really are and finally do something to stop this.

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