Friday, 1 January 2010

Majid's Story

On March 20th 2009, RTA , following six months of intensive and aggressive Telephone calls /faxes to our office, came to our Havant office at Hampshire to price our Business (which was a Civil Engineering Company), their agent without inspecting our company's accounts estimated price of our Business as £713K and immediately he asked for £4324.00 in advance, I required the details for payment of this money and he notified me that it is for the one year of their advertising and also introducing clients to us. I was not sure, although I signed the contract (I wish I did not) but I verbally notified him that I need to see My Bank Manager before issuing him any cheques.

The following week I checked with My Bank Manager and he notified me that RTA’s estimation is totally wrong and our business does not worth more that £150-£250K.

I immediately notified RTA via telephone calls/ e.mails/faxes regarding their overestimated price for our Business and asked them for reconsideration of their fees and also terms/conditions of their contract.

They got very nasty and threatened me by court actions. This was three weeks after my meeting with their agent. (Including 7 days to refuse, Check Consumer laws)I, at the same time asked them to cancel my contract, they refused.

On 15th May 2009, due to non-payment of our money by our clients, our company went into involuntary bankruptcy which I notified RTA regarding this.

They responded by not only taking My Old Company to court but also me too.

My old company owed me £75K and also my house had 2nd charge on it by Bank, therefore at the present I am financially ruined, but however the insolvency practitioner notified me that there is enough money owed to the company which will recover all the Creditors money.

Providing RTA wins the case they will get their money back from my old company.

We had our first Court meeting in Southampton County Court on 7th of January 2010 and the judge passed this case to Small claims and the next court case is on 19th April 2010.

In Conclusion:

1) RTA was dishonest with their Price or had no clue how to price our Businesses.

2) They were asking £4324.00 for three weeks of work (From 20th March 2009 to 5th April 2009). (This Price is for 1 year’s work as stated in their contract).

3) They Bully, threaten their victims (Mainly naïve and desperate Businessmen).

I therefore would be grateful to hear from other victims of RTA in order legally to prepare cases against them and expose their game.

I think it is morally wrong to bully, threaten and take away people’s money by scamming and doing nothing at all. And further more I am puzzled and saddened by British FTA system to allow these sorts of people to take advantages of people like us.

*** UPDATE ***

On 9th April 2010 Majid had his day in court and won his case.  For a full blow-by-blow account of the court hearing please go here

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