Thursday, 19 January 2012

Who are Totally Web Wise

A few people have asked who Totally Web Wise are as they seem to pop up a few times where RTA are concerned.

The author found this, posted on the What Consumer forums:-
"I am the aforesaid Ceri Edwards and yes I am also a director of Totallywebwise the web design and build business based in Swansea.
Here however is where I must take issue with your advice. Totallywebwise has NEVER had a client other than RTA, so has NEVER asked or demanded any money from ANYONE AT ALL. TWW only works for RTA, as it was set up to provide IT and web solutionms for that company alone.

You say a 'friend' has had dealings with TWW, who have demanded money. OK, get this friend to call me, and if TWW has demanded money from him or her, I will appologise in public and cancel the debt.

Over to you."

The comment was in response to an entry by poster sandyshoes ~ you can see the full link here

What we find interesting is that RTA claim to market our businesses on many websites and yet only one of the ones they use (according to small claims evidence provided to date) isn't actually owned by them in one way or the other.

So here's what we found that Totally Web Wise currently have registered:-

Wow - certainly looks like RTA are set on world domination!

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