Friday, 9 April 2010

Where RTA spend their money

Recently Ceri Edwards, has not been too happy with what Google offer him.

In recent posts on forums on Google and Bling he complains that he spends £120,000 a year with Google and yet other websites, some of them new, rank higher than his own.

He claims that his company struggles in the rankings whilst other "SEO savvy charletons" rank higher.  I think this clearly misses the point of what SEO is all about - it's a fundamental to rankings.  Perhaps money can't buy you love after all?!?

However, it is his comments later on in the forum, in response to another contributor commenting on the Mirror blog, Mr Edwards states that he has over 8,000 clients and only some '16 or so' clients have jumped on the Mirror bandwagon because they didn't sell.

Obviously, as our little group now consists of almost 100 members, we know there are more than '16 or so' people who are having to fight RTA.  And that's only the ones in our little group - there must be even more out there who have succumbed to bullying tactics and paid up, or been thrown to the lions in RTA legal action.

Mr Edwards has also missed the point with his 'because they didn't sell' quip.  It isn't the fact that RTA failed to sell that's the big issue - although that is bad enough - it's the fact that RTA believe they are entitled to £1000s in withdrawal fees (when they were the party to withdraw) and commission fees even though they failed to uphold their part of the bargain.

Perhaps some of that £120,000 might be better used in advertising OUR businesses rather than their own, in providing a better customer service for business owners and a complaints procedure which enatils a little more than completely ignoring our correspondence!!

Rant of the day now over....

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Anonymous said...

Interesting to see that RTA have renamed their site I believe they have done this because when you type "RTA Business Sales" into Google (when researching the company) you come across all the Mirror articles condemning RTA. Therefore, for these blog posts to be found you need to make reference to RTA Businesses For Sale... Keep up the good work.