Thursday, 25 February 2010

Federation of Small Businesses list RTA as a 'scam'

The Federation of Small Businesses appear to be warning their members about using RTA (Business Consultants) Limited - they have RTA listed in their 'scams library'!!

RTA Business Transfer Agents

It is claimed that small businesses are losing large sums of money by attempting to sell their businesses through RTA (Business Consultants) Ltd. In some cases small businesses are paying thousands of pounds. After a time period as agreed with RTA, e.g. 5 months, small businesses are finding that they have had no potential buyers and that they are entitled to no refund.
UPDATE : 29th March 2010
Peter Scargill of the FSB has confirmed that they removed the listing 'for now' from their website following correspondence from RTA.  Is this another action of bullying and the threat of legal action by RTA?


Complaints and Reviews said...

It seems that Mr O'Reilly has been making a fuss as the FSB have removed the note on their website.

Anonymous said...
RTA have supposedly been advertising our post office for 18months without any interest. they charged us £1200 to advertise our own post office & guaranteed us that it would sell within months, we have had no interset at all. They promised us that a picture of the premisses would be in their weekly mag every 2 weeks this has never occured. We now want to pull out of the agreement & we have been told that we may have to pay £500 is this correct & is there anyway we could retreive our £1200

rob taylor said...

R T A scam dont list your business with them they are smooth as silk
but will fleese you (just put a add in pappers yourself) dont pay them 100s of £ for nowt or in some cases thousends ,they will take you to court,thats there specilaity ,they are just robbers,

Anonymous said...

So why should they be worried about him. i thought they would have more heart and stand upp to him, Thats what we pay for isnt it?..

Anonymous said...

RTA Scam

I too have been scammed by this company but because I cannot afford to go to court and take the chance of having to pay thousands to them I have paid up.

So my advice of three years of their so called advertising and three people looking at our property two of which told us they were misinformed about our hotel is do not do business with them and defiantly do not sign any of there contracts or you will reget it.

Lastly one wonders if they sell any properties but survive on conning small busines??? a