Thursday, 25 February 2010

OFT vs Foxtons High Court ruling regards unfair terms

In July 2009, the Office of Fair Trading welcomed a landmark ruling that the use of unfair terms that Foxtons Limited (letting agents) in their contracts with landlords.

OFT v Foxtons

David Rhodes of Horizon Business Agents writes about the case on his blog "In my opinion the agreement that the seller should avoid is the one where there is both an upfront fee and a severance/cancellation fee, especially where the agent is operating under a sole selling rights agreement. There are agents such as RTA Business Consultants who operate such an agreement."

It seems that those of us caught out by RTAs unfair agreements must raise our profile.

Perhaps all of those business owners with a story to tell should contact the Trading Standards Office local to RTA in Stockport?  Details below.

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
Trading Standards Service
Environment & Economic Development Division
Stopford House
Telephone: 0845 644 4301
Fax: (0161) 474 4369
Stockport Trading Standards

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