Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The RTA Sales Pitch - Penman & Sommerlad investigation

The Mirror investigators, Penman and Sommerlad, went undercover to record the RTA sales pitch given by the RTA rep Andy Dearing.

You can read the article here -


Anonymous said...

I am a business transfer agent and have obviously been aware of RTA and other business transfer agents for a while now.

I have blogged about these agents sharp practices.

In fact I was threatened with legal action myself by Paul O'Reilly if I did not remove these blogs from the internet. I did not comply.

For RTA clients, I would like to spread the message that there ARE good, honest agents out there. Do not tar us all with the same brush as RTA.

Anonymous said...
I too got ripped off by RTA when they did nothing to sell my Newsagents in Sevenoaks. I gave up after being lied to on a regular basis by Paul O'Reily and other contacts at the company. Nationwide Business sold it in less than a month, no fuss, no upfront, and no lies. Paul O'reily will rot in hell I'm sure of it.